You deserve to be Loved

February 14, 2017 Rev Ahmondra

“Be Your Own Valentine”

February is the month designated for Love. Much focus is placed on showing love and affection to that special person in your life. We buy flowers and give candy and cards to express our deepest feelings. But how do you treat yourself?


What if as you gave candies and cards to your most favorite people you included yourself in that equation? So often we do for others and we leave ourselves completely out. We fail to take the time to tend to our health the way we should. But if our significant other becomes sick we are right there to help them get better.


We fail to take the time out to comfort ourselves when we feel hurt, lost or down but let a friend have a low moment and we are right there to encourage them and help them through a challenging time. What about you?


We spend countless hours tearing ourselves down in our minds. Criticizing our attempts to do new things and comparing our successes to others successes. We don’t spend time praising our accomplishments or being proud of those times when we are courageous. We fail to recognize our uniqueness and the fact that there is no one else on the planet like us. We are special in our own right!


Why is that? I don’t have an answer for your particular situation. But I do have a suggestion on how you can become more kind and loving to yourself. You can begin this month of Love by doing one simple act of kindness for yourself everyday. And the really cool thing is that no one has to know that you are doing it.


This exercise in self-love is very easy, simple and fun. All it takes is for you to really find out how to love yourself. What makes you smile and feel really good? Find that one thing that lights up your day and do it. If you don’t have the money to do something like take a trip to Europe then do the next best thing. Take your self to a restaurant that serves food from a country you would like to visit.

Do something kind for yourself it could be something as simple as telling yourself that you are a good person and that you deserve to be happy and prosperous. Don’t allow anyone to keep you from acknowledging yourself. Maybe you just need to spend time alone to think or reflect. Take a long walk all by your self.


During this month of Love don’t waste any precious time feeling sad or disappointed that someone hasn’t picked you to be his or her Valentine. Do the picking yourself and make you, your own Valentine.


Life is precious and you should cherish it. Begin today to acknowledge that you are special and deserve all the Love and support you can receive and then begin giving it to yourself. What you will notice is that when you begin to love you, others will begin to love you also. That’s just the way it works.


So this wonderful month of February shower yourself with love, you deserve it.