blessing in Disguise

April 25, 2015 Rev Ahmondra

A Blessing in Disguise

Yesterday I had the privilege of conducting a healing circle for the women at the Naval Consolidated Brigg in San Diego. The circle was intended to provide an opportunity for them to let go of old thought patterns and create new ones for 2015.

Half way through the session I realized that even though their physical freedom was gone they had developed an awareness and insight into their lives, which gave them mental freedom.

Because of their incarceration they had come face to face with a harsh reality, they had created their life. When they got clear on their thinking patterns, took full responsibility for their actions, and accepted the consequences attached to those actions, they developed the emotional freedom and personal strength to create a new future devoid of old patterns. What had appeared as a curse turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

I know that many of us are anxiously waiting for 2014 to time out because it was such a difficult year (including me) but after working with the women in the brig my attitude has changed. I see 2014 in a totally different light. It was a Banner Year for Blessings!!