Love me today not tomorrow

November 3, 2014 Rev Ahmondra

flowers bouquet

“Give me my Flowers while I am here don’t wait until I am gone”

Yesterday I received the very sad news that my dear friend and mentor Rev. Jane Claypool had made her transition. The news hit me hard because it was sudden and unexpected. On Thursday she crossed my mind and I called to stop by for a quick visit. She had an upset stomach and suggested that I call back in a couple of days. In a couple of days my beloved friend was gone.

I had no idea that would be the last time I spoke to her. And although I was saddened by the news I felt good because I had listen to my first mind and called her. I had done what the old folks always said to do, “give them flowers when they are here, don’t wait until they are gone”.

I started that practice a year ago. Whenever someone crossed my mind, I would stop what I was doing and reach out to them. I would not put it off for another time and place. I would give them their flowers while they were still here. I had let Rev Jane know that she was important to me and that I wanted to spend time with her, she knew I loved her because I told her so.

How many times do we miss the opportunity to call or visit with a friend/loved one because we are busy? We have every intention to call when they cross our mind but we put it off, thinking we will get back to it later and later never comes. We fail to give flowers when we can.

Had I put off calling her I would have missed the opportunity to hear her voice one last time, missed telling her I loved her one last time and missed hearing her tell me she loved me one last time. Dr. Jane, I am so glad I gave you, your flowers while you were still with us! Rest in Peace my friend you will be missed so much.

Have you given out flowers to someone you love today? Please don’t put it off. You never know if they will be around to receive them tomorrow.