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I am Rev Ahmondra an ordained Interfaith Minister/ Spiritual Advisor.  I am blessed to live a life I truly love that rest on a solid spiritual foundation.  It wasn't always that way.


For many years I searched for a religious solution to overcome my personal challenges. I was trapped in an unfulfilling marriage, hiding a drug-addiction and living in total fear. When I failed to find answers  I gave up and resigned myself to living a mediocre life void of any true happiness or meaningful spiritual connection.


It was by Grace that I found my unique pathway to living a spiritual life. I discovered that  my consciousness held the keys to my happiness. It was an inside job. One that I could do successfully. I could live my dream life.


As an Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Advisor I am committed to working with all individuals regardless of their religious or non-religious backgrounds. I believe everyone can and should have the opportunity to create a rewarding life. 


My personal mission  is to show others how to overcome challenges and create a fulfilling life based on spiritual principals.  

If you feel it's  time for a change and you are ready to deepen your spiritual connection I can support you.


Spiritual Advising can help you develop the spiritual practices and sacred ceremonies needed to help you create a solid spiritual foundation for your life.









Don't allow your circumstances or fears to stop YOU!