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Spiritual Advising

What is Spiritual Advising and how can it support you?


Spiritual advising is a conversation about ones ideas around spiritual or religious matters. It is an active and vigorous inquiry into personal ideas and concerns about a connection to something not of this physical world. Many of us were raised with ideas about God and religion that left us filled with questions or feelings that do not serve us well as adults. As a result we are seeking answers to questions that have gone, long unanswered. Or we need resolution to feelings from past experiences, which have left us feeling apprehensive and skeptical to anything with a religious overtone.


In my Ministry I often hear people say that they do not believe in God, and when queried about their beliefs I find that what they are really saying is that they do not believe in the concepts about God that they grew up with. Within Spiritual Advising sessions one has the opportunity to uncover their own personal beliefs and ideas about spiritual matters and design spiritual belief system that is relevant to them. Ones spirituality has less to do with what others believe and everything to do with what makes an individual feel whole and complete within themselves.


There is no cookie cuter approach to Spiritual Advising; each situation is unique and designed to meet the particular needs of that individual. All concerns are addressed in a personal and individualized fashion. My one great goal in Spiritual Advising is that every client reach a conclusion that brings a profound sense of peace and rightness within which reflects as joy and contentment without.


If you feel that you could benefit from Spiritual Advising it would be my profound pleasure to work with you.