Stop negative Self-Talk

June 9, 2017 Rev Ahmondra

Who is that talking in my Head?

Stop letting negative self-talk hold you back.


Do you often feel down, depressed, sad or frustrated with yourself for no reason? Or is it hard get motivated or to stay motivated? How often do you wake up and the first thing that crosses your mind is how miserable you are and it’s your entire fault? Maybe you wake up feeling good but then in a very short while you feel terrible and you can’t figure out why? Is your constant thinking making you feel exhausted?


You may not realize it but it’s possible that the negative self-talk running through your mind is controlling the way you feel. Everyone on the planet has discussions going on in their heads all the time, that is just human nature. It’s what we are saying to ourselves that is the most important thing.


We talk to ourselves about everything all the time. We make comments to ourselves about what we hear, what we see and about ourselves. We can spend our entire day talking to ourselves about something that happened to us and this conversation is going on while we are interacting with others.


Having vigorous conversations with ourselves is not a bad thing unless we are having negative conversations about ourselves to ourselves. When we engage in negative self-talk (talking bad about what we do, how we look, what we say, etc.) on a constant basis we erode our self-worth and damage our self-esteem. We rob ourselves of vital life energy and joy.


Living a joyous and happy existence doesn’t just come from what is occurring around us in our lives. It comes from what is happening within us also. The very foundation of our lives is built on what is going on in our minds. Many times we say things to ourselves that if someone else said them to us they would be in BIG TROUBLE!!


So why do we engage in such negative self-talk, if it has such a damaging effect on us? There are many reasons. Maybe we are playing old tapes from the past where someone kept telling us negative things about ourselves until we believed them. It’s possible that we picked up negative talk about who we are from the larger culture around us. It’s also possible that we created the negative self-talk when we compare our life to the life of others.


It really isn’t important why or where the negative self-talk originated, what’s important is how can we turn down the volume on it so that one day it is so low we can hardly hear it. As we stop listening to and believing the negative self-talk dialogue in our minds our energy will increase and we will feel less negative about ourselves.


The big question is how do we turn the volume down on our negative self-talk so we can stop letting it control us? There are two things that you can do right now today.


  1. Recognize that you have negative self-talk. Most of us don’t even know that we are having negative conversations with ourselves and that these conversations are controlling our lives. Start listening to what you are saying to yourself.


  1. Begin to catch yourself when you have a negative thought about yourself. Make a game out of it. For one hour see how many times you can catch yourself saying something negative to yourself about yourself. It will shock you!! As you begin to identify your negative self-talk you will also begin to stop some of it because you will not like what your hearing.


In order to change your negative self-talk into positive self- talk you have to be aware of what you are saying. When you get good about catching yourself talking crazy to yourself, you can begin to replace those negative thoughts with positive ones. Start really paying attention to the thoughts that run through your head. They are your thoughts and YOU CAN CONTROL THEM.


The most important thing to remember is that just because you have a thought doesn’t mean it is TRUE! You have the power to make yourself feel good about you. No matter what negativity you hear from others or what negativity is running through your mind you have the power to change it. So make up your mind to reclaim your mind and get control of your negative self-talk, today. You will feel so much better tomorrow.