Trust and Believe in Yourself

June 10, 2017 Rev Ahmondra

Trust and Believe in Yourself

So often we look around us and wonder why we aren’t as good as others. We see that they are smarter, more successful, have more money, more friends and seem to be happier than us. From these observations we draw the conclusion that they are just better than us. Our conclusions often create turmoil within us and make us feel even more unworthy.


With these feelings of unworthiness we begin to fall into sadness or depression. And these feelings create trouble for us in our world with our family with our friends at work and in the community. We question why we are so unlucky, why we can’t catch a break. Our life looks bleak and we don’t see a way to change things. We just don’t have what it takes to move forward.


When we descend into a space of unworthiness and despair everything looks and feels dark and disappointing. Nothing seems to go right in our world and we don’t know how to pull ourselves up and out of this darkness. Everyone is better than us and this is just our truth. We accept it without question because this is the conclusion we have come to.


But what if this was not true at all. Suppose we stopped looking at others and making comparisons between them and us. Suppose we started to really look at ourself. No we may not have as much money as someone else and yes they may have a bigger car, better clothes, and seem to be happier than us, but what do we have that they don’t?


We have our very own uniqueness. There is no one in this world like us. Our qualities are unique to us and it is up to us to identify those qualities and be proud of them. Many times we make the mistake of not recognizing who we are and what we have to offer because we are so busy comparing ourselves with others.

But the really funny thing is that those we are comparing ourselves with are comparing themselves with some else they believe is better than they are. They are not as happy as we believe they are nor are they as good as we think they are. This is just our perception.


If we took all the energy we use to tear ourselves down and put it into trusting and believing in who we are we will find that we are stronger, happier and feel more content with life.


It doesn’t take that much to believe in yourself when you stop and take a close look at those qualities you posses that make you, you. What are your strengths? Are you a good listener? Someone who is always ready to help others? Maybe you’re a terrific team player and a loyal friend. It is time to focus on those things that make you uniquely you.


The one guarantee in life is that there is no one else on this planet like you. So today begin to trust in your goodness, believe in your worthiness and share your wonderful uniqueness with the world. It is waiting to embrace you.


Sit down in a quiet place and make a list of all the qualities that are unique to you. Keep that list close to you and read it often. One day you will look up and there will be no comparison with others because you will trust and believe in YOU.