Find Your Truth

Understanding what is best for you, helps you weather any storm or go through any challenge because your truth will guide you through. Your truth is the anchor when everything around you is in flux. Finding your truth today will help you live a life you love tomorrow.


You have been endowed with the ability to live a joyous, happy and free life. We have something that no other species on the planet has and that is choice. You have choice in the matter. In the matter of how you choose to live our life. I’m not saying that you have choice in all of the circumstances that may occur in your life but you do however have a choice in how you respond to those circumstances. 


When you know and understand what your personal truth is you can exercise your choice with clarity, conviction and strength. If you are unsure of what you believe your life challenges and problems can feel insurmountable. And you can fall into a state of depression and overwhelm. That old saying, “the truth will set you free” should really say, “Your truth will set you free”.


Knowing exactly what it is you stand for and believe in allows you to develop strong personal convictions that lead to strong sustaining choices. You can begin today.   Use the spiritual advising program at Circle of Consciousness Global Ministry and open to your truth.